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Tanks are designed for storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), according to DIN 51622 / EN 589.

LPG storage tanks are pressure vessels and these are subject of estimation according to PED 97/23 EU.

Tanks are vertical or horizontal cylindrical vessels with elliptical bottoms.

Working parameters:

  • Working fluid: propane-butane (group 1 – dangerous fluids);
  • Working pressure: max 1,765 МРа;
  • Working temperature: -20 ÷ +50 С;
  • Vessel's category: IV, according PED 97/23.

Anti-corrosion coating - the above ground tanks are polyurethane coated in white color (RAL 9010), with thicknesses of coating 120 μm (dry film thickness 70 μm), and the underground tanks are epoxy coated with thickness of coat min. 500 μm, which provide coverage density

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