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City Gas Manufacture Lpg storage tanks

Engineering company "CITY GAS" EOOD (Ltd) well established in the field of design, development storage tanks for LPG and manufacture of storage tanks for LPG (liquefied under pressure propane-butane gas) in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU for making available on the market of pressure equipment (replacing Directive 97/23 for pressure equipment) and harmonized standards EN 13445 The company is certified and complies with the requirements of Technical regulation TR CU 032/2013 applicable to Russian and related markets.

"CITY GAS" EOOD (Ltd) is a dynamic company with ambitions to master and impose high-quality products on the market. The company staff is highly qualified, knows well both the essential requirements for this type of products and the ways for their provision and guarantee and customer demand in the domestic and international markets.

City Gas has modern equipped production provided with machines for the technological preparation of materials, centering stands and assembly of elements, welding equipment and automated welding complexes, test stand, chambers for preparation and laying of coatings storage tanks for LPG

The coatings that are applied are of epoxy base and ensure a long service life of the equipment. We work with tested brands and manufacturers, as well as with the modern techniques for their application, which guarantees the quality and durability of the coating.

At present we have been certified by a notified body and have commissioned the production of the series with diameters of 800 mm to 3000 mm. The company has the potential to answer any customer demand with the production and certification of single pieces or small groups of products corresponding to the specific needs.

The production nomenclature covers a wide range of parameters:

  • volume of the manufactured vessels storage tanks for LPG – from 450 to 100 000 l;
  • working pressure storage tanks for LPG – from 15,6 to 17,65 bar, depending on the local normative requirements of the country;
  • vessels for aboveground and underground installation lpg storage tanks.

Our products are tailored to the different LPG transport schemes for storage tanks for LPG – trucks, standard transport containers, etc., with the possibility for land or sea transport. Potential clients are both Bulgarian and European, Middle Eastern and African markets. Our recognized partners are companies from Russia, Кazahstan, Iraq, Syria, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Sudan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and others, as our products are quite operative and are definitely established and market demanded.

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